The Harmattan eco lodge

On a gentle slope on the west side of Fogo, you will find the Harmattan eco lodge. Located 7km from Sao Filipe, 550 meters about sea level, overlooking the ocean, and the Island of Brava. The property was build in the 18th century, and used to be run as a farm, until severe drought forced the owner to shut it down. We came upon the property in 2007.

Since then we have been working to restore all the old buildings,and the natural stone walls that surrounds the property. The property consists of aproximatley 35 hectars, which is currently being laid out for coffee production, since Fogo Island is famous for its hight quality Arabica.


It is our goal to build a 100% self sufficient eco lodge, and thereby create a sustainable way of tourism on Fogo Island. The antique rainwater collection system, and 3 big underground tanks, provides enough water to run the lodge year round. We don’t believe in chemicals, so at this point we are focusing on establishing a steady production of vegetables, all grown ecologically. We have the same opinion when it comes to fish and meat. We serve only fresh fish from the ocean,since we try to avoid frozen products as much as possible.

It is our hope that we will be ready to receive our first guests at the end of 2016. We will be updating our web page monthly, so you can follow the progress. Please contact us if you have any questions, or suggestions.

Due to the modern worlds belief, that food is grown for profit, and not to provide humans with the nutrients they need, we already have a steady production of meat and eggs. This ensures us a continuous supply and high quality meat. Our 1st phase of the Harmattan eco lodge,consists of 22 rooms, restaurant, 18 century country club, swimming pool, tennis court, and a gym. Furthermore there is a 4 km nature trail within the property..

Berst regards Luisa and Vincent